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We reserve the right to cancel your reservation and rent out the quarters to another guest, should you not make payment in accordance within the time limits given.
Cancellation/Cancellation costs
Cancellations are to be made in writing, per email or on the phone with us directly.

Should you cancel your reservation, the following customary fees will be incurred:
Up to 30 days before arrival:20% of rental costs
Between 29 - 20 days before arrival:60% of rental costs
Between 19 - 10 days before arrival:80% of rental costs
Between 10 – 0 days before arrival:100% of rental costs
If unusual circumstances, i.e. natural catastrophes which prevent usage of the rental facilities, happen after the rental contract is made, it goes without saying that you will be refunded any payments which you have made.
Arrival and Departure
We wish to be able to welcome you in person when you arrive. Please notify us of your approximate arrival time on Crete and the airport where you arrive.
You can take possession of your room/s on the date of arrival after 2 pm. (Depending on your arrival date and the departure date of the previous renter, you may be able to use the rooms earlier; this can only be confirmed on short notice.)
The rooms are to be vacated on the day of departure by 11 am at the latest. They are to be returned in clean-swept condition. The keys are to be returned directly to the hosts after a room inspection together with them.
On the day of departure you may be able to use the room longer (this can be confirmed only on short notice).

Use of the room until 3 p.m.: 25,- € extra charge
Use of the room later than 3 p.m.: 50,- € extra charge
Is not included in the room price.
Available on request for an additional daily charge of 7 €
Due to special local conditions, we request you to throw exclusively toilet paper into the toilet, that means no sanitary napkins, tampons, wet wipes etc.
Daily cleaning is the responsibility of each guest, independent of the final cleaning and the weekly cleaning, which the hosts perform. The daily cleaning includes washing the dishes and returning them to the cupboard, carrying out all rubbish (especially food garbage) daily and sweeping all the rooms, so they can be returned to the host cleanly swept.
The final cleaning entails a thorough cleaning of the kitchen/kitchenette, bathroom/shower and toilet, and is included in the rental price.
Upon taking possession of the keys, the tenant of the vacation facilities assumes responsibility for careful use of the furniture and possessions in the apartment and is liable for repair or replacement costs which incur through his lack of care.
The house owners can assume no liability for short-term lack of water or electricity, as they have no influence on local utility service.
The owner must be informed immediately about other damages, should these occur, and will make all attempts to restore/alleviate the problem. The tenant is obliged to take all necessary measures to help limit the extent of the damage and to assist in repairing the damage.
The use of the swimming pool is exclusively at your own risk. Parents take full responsibility for watching their children and ensuring their safety.
The host may not be held liable for personal damage, property damage or immaterial damage which results from the use of the apartment/studio or the pool, unless the damage is a consequence of willful or extremely negligent actions on his part.
The owners assume full responsibility for the correctness of their assertations about the rental facilities in this website.
We recommend that you take out travel health insurance for a stay in a foreign country and travel cancellation insurance.
Special Notice
In southern Europe electrical service can occasionally be interrupted on short notice. Generally the problem can be solved quickly and electricity resumes quickly.
Should individual terms of this rental agreement be void, the rest of the agreement remains legally binding for both parties. The reservation of a vacation apartment constitutes acknowledgment by the tenant of these rental conditions.

Gestaltung & Realisierung

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Villa Elisa 
Elisabeth Humbert 
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